Our Vicars

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Dn. M.O.John was ordained as Priest in September 1989 and was appointed as the vicar of the congregation. Regular services for the congregation were organized from then onwards more systematically. During this time the Church reorganized the dioceses and the Vienna Congregation was included in the newly formed Diocese of Canada, U K and Europe under H.G.Dr.Thomas Mar Makarios Metropolitan.

Since Fr. M.O.John could not stay in Vienna for longer periods Fr. Saji Mathew from Mavelickara came for higher studies in Vienna and took charge as the Assistant Vicar and conducted services for the congregation. Services were organized for the congregation on every Sunday at the Armenian Church and later it was shifted to some other Churches.

Fr. Joykutty Varghese came to Vienna in November 2003 and took charge as the assistant vicar of the congregation and offered regular services for the congregation. During this period Fr. Joykutty led the church in many ecumenical activities in Vienna, made contacts with different churches, congregations, and participated cultural activities.

The current priest in charge Fr. Wilson Abraham Poovathumannil came to Vienna for higher studies in September 2012 and regular church services take place on Sundays and other church designated important days. Currently the congregation belong to the UK, Europe and Africa diocese is led by H.G. Dr. Mathews Mar Thimothios.